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We call mystics as "Siddhar" in Tamil
and "Siddha" in Sanskrit. The superhuman feats
that they perform are known as "Siddhi" or "Siththu". >
Siddhars were, and are found all over the world. >

Imhoteb, who was the Grand Vizier of the Pharoah, >
was also an engineer, and a physician, knew the secret of >
longevity, preservation and rejuvenation of the body, >
suspended animation,and.......yes you have guessed it.
Immortality. The above mentioned powers are called >
"Kaaya Kalpam", "Samaadhi", and "Saagaa Kalai". >

As such he was a Siddhar.

By the way, he is the one who built the first pyramid
called the Step Pyramid.

His Medical system was learned by the Greeks who
finally deified him and called him Aesculapius. Aesculapius
is the god of the physicians and medicine.

His emblem was the winged-staff, entwined by two
snakes. They stand for the three nadis called Surya Kalai,
Chandra Kalai, and Shushumnai Naadi. They are concerned
with the flow of Pranic Energy. Hence with Kundalini Yoga.
That winged staff is also seen to be carried by Mercury.
It became the emblem of the Medical fraternity.

Coming to Bogar - he belongs to a long line of >
Siddhars. One along the line was Thiru Muular - one >
of the greatest Siddhar of all times. He is the author >
the authoritative work called "Thiru Mandhiram" >
which is made up of nine chapters or Tantras with >
a total of 3000 verses.

> One of ThiruMuular's disciples was Kaalaangi Naathar. >
He went to "Maha Sinaa" and a Chinese became his disciple. >
He was Bogar. He has written profusely on metaphisical, >
parapsychological, Tantric and medical subjects. >

His works are made up of seven books with a total of >
7000 verses. They go by the name "Bogar Elzhaayira". >
He came to Tamilnaadu and made many disciples. One of >
them was Karuvuur Thevar@Karuvuuraar. He was the Guru >
of Raja Raja Chola (Raja Chulan's father).

When the Grand Chola built the Great Temple of Tanjavuur, >
they came across certain technical difficulties. At that time >
Bogar was in China. So Karuvuuraar sent word to him. >
Bogar sent the instructions and the final construction steps >
were carried out without hitch. Bogar attained the final >
Samaadhi in Palzhani in Tamilnaadu. His lineage continues >
to present times - even to Malaysia.

There were other Siddhars from other places as well.

Raama Devar was one of them who settled in Tamil >
Naadu. He was an Arab by the name of Wahab. He was a >
physician as well as a Sufi Grand Master. He has written >
treatises about medicine.

> Paulisa Rishi was a Graeco-Roman called Paulus. >
Roma Rishi was another one whose real identity is not >
known, except that he came from Rome.

> Bodhi Dharma who founded the Zen Buddhism >
was born in a place which is about six miles from my >
ancestral home town in Southern TamilNaadu called >
the Paandya country. He studied in Kanchipuram, >
Tamilnadu, went to Sumatra, and then settled down in >
China. In Chinese paintings of Boddhi Dharma, he is >
painted with dense moustach and beard , thick eye-brows >
and huge round eyes.


Blogger visithra said...

Bogar had Msian descendants?

Are there still sidhars among us or has that ability perished?

Or immortals no longer appear ?

9:58 PM  
Blogger A-A said...

Siddhars can be any where and in any form.

The Vedic schoolers never liked the siddhas and their philosophies. For obvious reasons.

So they created a great many false notions about the siddhars to deviate the people away from them.

All that has created a paradigm about them.

Its not true.

According to the times, siddhas adapt themselves. Some may choose to wander around; aome may choose to be aloof; some may be reclusive.

But some will live the normal life of a house-holder.

Its all in the mind and the type of powers that you develope.

And of course, its all a matter of choice.

12:01 AM  
Blogger MSSG said...

Dear Sir,

Recently I started reading about Siddhars. Is there a cure for all kinds of problems in their research and practice?

12:54 AM  
Blogger thirunyana kumar said...

reading is nothing..if it alone..u must learn it by heart..with full passion, not from only bakti..

11:54 AM  

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